Frequently Asked Questions

Packing, transferring, and storing your goods can be a difficult technique. At Unicon Packers & Movers in Ghaziabad, we remember that you probable have many unanswered questions about process and the best way to go about it. This is why we have provided you with a number of our maximum frequently asked questions. We are hoping they assist simplify your transferring process. Remember to test back regularly, as this listing may be updated often.

Can you help me if I move long distance?

Unicon Packers & Movers are dedicated to dealing with your moving needs no matter of the distance you want to travel. The same group that picks up your assets from your old domestic will drop them off at your new one.

One of the advantages of selecting Unicon Packers & Movers is that we handle one client at a time. Unlike other Movers and Packers, we will not transport another Client’s belongings long distance with yours, so there may be no chance for a mix-up. Our vehicle goes directly from your old home to anyplace you’re shifting.

In case you would love to schedule a long distance move or if you have questions about our long distance moving services, contact the Indian long distance shifting experts of Unicon Packers & Movers at +91 8860 888 001 for a free charge and delivery estimate.

Do you offer business moving service?

At Unicon Packers & Movers, we remember the fact that companies outgrow their places of work over time and should relocate. We also realize that time is money, so our experienced moving experts are committed to packing, transferring, and setting up all of your industrial belongings in a timely manner.
We offer packing and relocation services for all your office furniture and equipment. We are able to help you via all the stage of the shifting process.In case your business might be transferring to a new location soon, contact the Indian shifting experts of Unicon Packers & Movers at +91 8860 888 001 to learn more about our commercial moving services.

Do you provide free estimates?

At Unicon Packers & Movers, we keep in mind that saving money is incredibly important to you. This is why we provide free estimates, so that you recognize how much the job will price before you need to commit. We keep in mind that cost is critical, and we pleasure ourselves on being as up-front, honest, and accurate as possible.

In case you are transferring within India, the experts of Unicon Packers & Movers assist you to. We’ve the experience and professionalism you could count on. To talk about the info of your move with certainly one of our Unicon Packers & Movers experts and examine more about what we will do for you, please contact us today by calling +91 8860 888 001.

Do you provide moving services for valuable items?

Unicon Packers & Movers is prepared to handle all your shifting needs. If you have expensive art work, first edition books, or different valuable property, our skilled movers will relocate your valuables with care.

In addition to supplying relocation services in your valuable items, they will be insured at a rate of 3% on declare value. Unicon Packers & Movers additionally offers the option to purchase extended carrier liability. Our dedicated staff also can help you find additional insurance from third-party vendors.

In case you would like more information about our shifting offerings or in case you would really like to request a free quote, contact the Indian moving representatives of Unicon Packers & Movers at +91 8860 888 001 today.

Do you offer packing services?

The Indian packers & Movers of Unicon Packers & Movers consider that careful packing is a critical part of a successful move. Our experienced packers are trained to safely pack your property, no matter size, price, or fragility. We offer packing services for each residential and commercial belonging.

We provide a wide variety of packing materials. Additionally, we offer cloth wardrobe Boxes, and we can also pack your items in crates and shrink wrap your furniture to guard it all through the shifting manner.

when you have any questions about our packing services or if you would like to request a free estimate in your packing and transferring needs, contact the Indian packing experts of Unicon Packers & Movers at +91 8860 888 001.

Do you provide same-day delivery?

At Unicon moving, we pleasure ourselves on our word, and which means providing same-day delivery not just within NCR, but throughout much of India. We offer each day carrier to Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and many other Indian cities. We move you the day we tell you, with no excuses, and we offer same-day pickup and transport for the duration of most of India.

If you are thinking of moving from or inside the NCR place, the experienced Indian Packers & Movers of Unicon Packers & Movers assist you to. To talk to one of our specialists about your needs and to get a free estimate, please contact us today with the aid of calling +91 8860 888 001.

How do I move my goods without hurting myself?

The moving procedure frequently involves transporting heavy items, which include furniture and appliances. As such, individuals can be cautious about shifting those items because they do no longer need to injure themselves.

It is important to understand that you have to usually lift along with your legs as opposed to together with your back. Lifting with your returned might also purpose you to suffer persistent lower back pain. Additionally, you must never lift heavy items alone; ask a friend or member of the family to help you move so you do now not overexert yourself.

if you choose to leave your shifting and heavy lifting needs to experts, contact the Indian moving experts of Unicon Packers & Movers at +91 8860 888 001 to speak with one of our skilled representatives and to get a free quote.

How much will you charge me?

At Unicon Packers & Movers, we offer competitive quotes for our shifting. Our pricing ranges depend on a number of factors, including which services you desire to use, the destination of your shifting, and variety of goods you have.

We offer packing, shifting, storage, and lengthy long moving services, so the charge you pay depends on what you want Unicon Packers & Movers to do for you.

For more information about our shifting and pricing, contact an Indian shifting consultant from Unicon Packers & Movers at +91 8860 888 001 today. Our committed staff can offer you a free quote for all of your moving and storage needs.

What areas do you serve?

Although Unicon Packers & Movers is based primarily in NCR, we serve the entire state of Delhi. We offer every day services all over India, including Delhi, Noida and greater Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad. We can also help you if your move takes you farther away. To examine more about how we can assist you with your move, please contact our experienced shifting experts today.

If you are transferring across the NCR region, the Indian transferring experts of Unicon shifting would really like to help. To discussed about your particular needs with us, please contact one in all our helpful moving experts today by calling +91 8860 888 001.

What coverage do you provide?

At Unicon Packers and Movers, we can help you with some of insurance options to insured your goods. The minimum insurance coverage under the law is 3% on claim cost, which we include in your move for no additional fee. Unicon shifting additionally gives numerous stages of accelerated carrier legal responsibility for buy which our office staff might be happy to go over with you. We also can assist you discover third-birthday celebration insurance for your valuables.

In case you are transferring in NCR or from NCR, Unicon Packers & Movers can make sure that the method is as smooth and efficient as possible. To talk about your moving needs with one of our Indian Packers and movers, please contact us today by calling +91 8860 888 001

What’s the common experience of a Unicon shifting specialist?

At Unicon transferring, we pride ourselves on our professionalism. We hire only experience, expert team members with at the least two years of background in the field that allows you to ensure their commitment to our clients. Our employees have an average of five years’ experience as professional movers, demonstrating how seriously we take our jobs.

If you are considering shifting within or from NCR, the expert movers of Unicon moving would like to talk to you. Our dedicated Indian movers are many of the most experienced within the field, and can handle ever the most demanding moves, residential or commercial. To talk to one in all our experts today, contact us by calling +91 8860 888 001.

What kind of residential shifting offerings do you offer?

At Unicon Packers & Movers, we’re prepared to transport your assets to and from any type of house. Our experience movers are ready to help individuals shifting to and from homes, apartment complexes, retirement homes, and more.

Regardless of in which you move from or where you move to, our moving professionals will take unique care when handling you assets. We offer same day delivery,
packing services, and warehouse alternatives for your belongings, all at low priced expenses.

If you’ll be moving to a brand new residence quickly, contact the Indian moving experts of Unicon Packers & Movers today at +91 8860 888 001 for a free estimate.

What storage options do you offer?

At Unicon Packers & Movers, we’ve got a streamlined process for packing and storing your assets. On the day you decide to transport, our experienced movers will load your items into one among our portable storage containers. From there, we can either drop off your assets at your new home or store them in state-of-the-art facility.

If you make a decision to have us store your property, we can maintain them in our facility until you’re ready for us to bring them to you. Your stored assets will be insured for 3% on declare value, with the choice to purchase increased carrier liability. Our storage warehouse is also prepared with superior safety gadget to maintain your belongings safe.

In case you are moving quickly or are in need of a storage solution, contact the Indian moving and storage experts of Unicon Packers & Movers today at +91 8860 888 001 to study more about our offerings.

Why should I use professional movers instead to shifting by myself?

The use of skilled Packers & Movers to handle your relocation has many benefits over shifting yourself. By means of hiring movers to finish the task, you free yourself of the duty of heavy lifting, using large transferring vans, and unpacking your assets.

If you are shifting large items, such as furniture and appliances, having movers can assist you to avoid injuring yourself in case you are inexperienced with transferring heavy items. Additionally, transferring businesses are required to purchase coverage to your belongings for the duration of the technique of your relocation.

if you have questions on our shifting offerings or would like a free quote in your shifting needs, contact the Indian shifting professionals of Unicon Packers & Movers at +91 8860 888 001 these days.

In case you are thinking about a move both within the India, we would love to hear from you. Our experienced Unicon moving professionals can assist simplify your shifting process, making sure that you complete your move on time. To discussed your needs with one of our committed experts, please contact us today by way of calling +91 8860 888 001.