Myth And Facts About Packers And Movers

We live in a society that encompass people from a diverse mindset. We are surrounded by people who love to share their opinion and no matter how rigid we remain in our thoughts, at some point in time we get influenced by those opinions. For packers and movers as well, there are a certain myth that prevails in our society, which deters many to opt this service.

Here are some myth and facts about hiring packers and movers in Noida.

Waste Of Money– Some people in our society have a belief – hiring and paying to logistic companies for service they offer is a waste of money. And this thinking is more prevalent in those who have never taken the help of packers and movers for shifting or those who have not moved from their location ever. According to them, instead of hiring packers and movers, it is best to pack things on your own, then hire transportation to move it to the desired location.

But the fact is, these days packers and movers service have gone very cheap. By spending approximately 10-12 thousand, you can hire packers and movers in NCR and shift anywhere in Delhi and NCR. Moreover, the reasons why hiring professionals for shifting chorus is not over spending because

  • They use the best in class packing material to ensure all your belongings has been packed perfectly.
  • They are trained in packing different wares considering its material.
  • They know how to uninstall electronic items and pack it safely.
  • You don’t have to do anything while they are packing things except giving them the instructions.
  • They transport your belongings to the desired location safely and unpack the items.
  • They also offer partial assistance in arranging your new home.

So, paying 10-12k for this much service is not a bad deal.


There Is The Risk Of Losing Belongings – There is a myth about losing the belongings when packers and movers are hired for shifting. We don’t say that this does not happen, but the fact is it happens only when you hire service providers without checking their background. Though these incidences happen rarely, but some people always cite the example of such incidences whenever it comes to hiring professionals.

Moreover, the fact is present-day packers and movers offers insurance options. Good service providers have a physical office and a strong presence on the internet. They can be tracked out anytime if any such incident happens. Nevertheless, the packers and movers guarantee not having such bad experience at the time of booking itself.


They Will Damage The Articles – This a perception among people that packers and movers while shifting damages the articles. They don’t handle things with care.

The fact is present time packers and movers uses the best quality packing material and wrap every article carefully so that articles do not get even a single scratch. They are trained how to pack different material to avoid damage. Most of the logistics companies have experienced staff to execute this work.

So, there are many myths pertaining to hiring a logistics company. Instead of trusting them, meet the verified service providers and talk to them everything in detail. At the present time, when the time has become money, the logistics service is like a blessing. There are many advantages of hiring these professionals for home shifting, office shifting or commercial space shifting.

Packers And Movers – Now Offering Customized Shifting Service

The expectations of people from service providers have raised to a new level. Now, the demand of customers has switched from ready-made to tailor-made. The customers demand more personalized service that fits with their requirement perfecting. And this new requirement is applicable on Packers and Movers as well. The people who in the transferable job or those who are shifting for the first time, everyone needs a service which is exactly according to their need.

The Packers and movers in Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi and other regions have understood this new requirement of customers and thus they have come up with customized service. The customized service is basically the tailor-made program design by the service provider understanding the guidelines/ requirement of their clients.  The logistics companies are offering this new customized shifting service for all types of shifting requirement like home shifting, office shifting, any industry or where house shifting, etc.  The companies have designed packages, according to the different requirements of people and these packages are also flexible in nature.

Why Do People Need Customized Shifting?

The clients switch to customer shifting option basically because of two reasons. First, their setup is different and their requirement is not the usual one. They hire different people for different work so that the shifting remains smooth and without any damage. The second reason to go for the customized shifting option is when the expectation of customer is high and there are compliance present. Additionally, sometimes even the packers and movers company also suggests bespoke shifting option to customers depending on the nature of business and magnitude of shifting work.

The Benefits Of Customized Shifting?

The benefits are many, but some of the core advantages are

  • Customized shifting is done exactly according to the requirement and guidelines of the client.
  • It is more convenient as it is done at the client’s direction
  • Customers get the highly trained staff for packing and unpacking of articles.
  • Customers get the state-of-the-art facility for storage of the different articles present in the place
  • Everything remains, according to schedule in this type of shifting
  • Shifting is done under the guidance of expert team who know how to pack article of different nature and make.
  • The highest quality packaging material is used for wrapping articles so avoid any damage
  • No wastage of time as time as work is done on the instructions of customers.

The customized shifting is beneficial as it is done according to the requirement. Price wise it is more costly than the traditional shifting format. Therefore, when it comes to shifting home, office, or any other type of space, it is good to go with the normal shifting format. But, when there is a special need, certainly you can go with the customized shifting option.

There are many companies present in Delhi and NCR that offer customized shifting facility. In addition to renowned companies that have large teams to work, the mid-size logistic companies are also offering the bespoke facility in shifting. The Packers and movers offering this new concept of shifting are providing this service for almost all types of shifting like home relocation, office relocation, warehouse, industry, hotel shifting and others setups that have different nature.

Most of the packers and movers offering this service share information about the same in the company brochure and website, but you get the details when you ask them about this service.

What Makes Packing And Moving So Off-putting In Delhi/NCR

Shifting home, office or any other space is fighting and it terrifies more when it is done in Delhi and NCR. And the factor that makes it so daunting is the time. People here usually remain short of time. In the houses where both partners are working, it becomes even more difficult to manage time for packing and unpacking things.

So, if you are living in NCR and shifting to Delhi or some other place, then hire the packers and movers in Vaishali, Indirapuram, Greater Noida, Delhi to get the relocating related assistance and to make the chores effortless.

Nevertheless, short of time is not just the only aspect that makes relocating painful for people in NCR and Delhi. The metro cities entail many other challenges and some of them prevail everywhere. This include

  • Timely management and handling of things
  • Protection of expensive stuff from damage
  • Unpacking things and rearranging it at home
  • Transportation management
  • Moving other things like vehicle and bigger devices

According to the need, people in Delhi and NCR look for customized shifting service providers, who understand every requirement of clients specifically and offer services efficiently meeting the same requirement.

Additionally, the geographical terrain of Delhi and NCR is a bit different from other cities. Sometimes, it also creates hurdles in the smooth shifting of a house, commercial property or any other type of space. There are service providers present who even deny shifting in some specific areas in Delhi and NCR, because of the road and adjoining areas.

Furthermore, the large number of options for shifting also complicate things by confusing people, and if the wrong selection is made, then there is nothing more miserable than that.

Packers And Movers The Best Alternative

Therefore, when it comes to shifting, people in Delhi and NCR believe in taking the help of professionals. The professional’s assistance makes the relocating task much easier and less time taking.

The number of packers are movers are present in Delhi and NCR who offer excellent shifting service, you can shortlist anyone according to your requirement.

There is a certain portal also present on which you can fill the form to receive quotations from a number of service providers at a time. These service providers are genuine and popular for offering quality relocating service. To contact packers and movers in Delhi and NCR without any trouble, all you have to do is fill up the form on any such portal and submit, you will start getting quotations from different service providers. These portals register only certified professionals with them.

Nevertheless, no matter which service provider you choose, it is vital that the logistic company you are shortlisting or with which you are finalizing the deal should have the work licenses to operate in the area. The firm should have all legal documents, give insurance and charge a fair amount for the service. It is also important to check if the packers and movers company you are hiring is using the best quality packaging material and offer packing and unpacking service both.

Unicon Packers is one name that you can consider for taking relocating related service. The company is an old name in the industry and have an experienced and qualified team to work on different projects. They hold experience in shifting almost all types of setups and offer customized service as well.

Hire Packers And Movers In Three Quick Steps

Worried about how you are going to shift your home to a new city? No need to panic, the logistic services are in place to assist you. Hire the one, and while professionals are shifting your home, you sit on your couch and just relax.

‘Relocating is frightening’ is now the old age adage, be a smart homemaker and get the work done without wasting energy and time. Follow the three-step process to make this chore effortless one.

The First Step

Explain Your Shifting Requirement

Search good packers and movers in Indirapuram taking the help of the internet or friends. Now, open the website of these companies. Fill up a simple form present there to inform them about your requirement. Fill all your details like date of shifting, your address, quality of goods used for the packing, your name, and contact number. It is good to find the shifting service providers online as you get more names/options. Having options in hand will help you in getting a fairer deal. Don’t just consider the brand names, there is much better service provider present in the market with less popularity.

The Second Step

Check The Background Of Logistic Company

Now, you will start getting quotations from packers and movers you had shared your requirements with. Meanwhile, you check the background of these logistics companies at your dashboard using the link. Carefully check every detail, their business profile, user’s rating and reviews, documents, etc. Also, read the terms and conditions carefully and understand it, talk to them in case of any confusion. This will ensure that you are dealing with the right service providers and getting the competitive price. At this step only, you will shortlist the one with whom you are going to finally work.

Third Step

Contact The Verified Packers And Movers

While shortlisting the packers and movers be ensured that you are choosing the one who has a work license and it is a verified professional.

There are many portals present that offer single window access to packer and mover. If you will fill the form at this platform, you will start getting quotations from all verified packers and movers in Delhi and NCR. This way, you will have more options to filter out the best. These portals usually have the professionals registered who are genuine, offer quality service and enjoy a good reputation in the market.

Now that, you have shortlisted the shifting company offering services matching all your requirements, contact them one by one and talk to them in details explaining what your needs are and discussing their services.

Call them at home for a ground check. Often logistic service providers, change their price after ground check. So, keep some options with you till this step.

Talk to them. You can bargain in prices, there is lots of possibilities present. You can bargain for services as well, like packing and unpacking services. Now, freeze the deal and wait for the final day of shifting.

Follow these three steps to packers and movers in Indirapuram, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad or Gurgaon. You can find reliable packers and movers following this method anywhere in India. However, cross-checking the credibility of the service provider is crucial always.

Unicon Packers One Of The Best In Delhi NCR

If you are short of time and don’t want to indulge in the above-mentioned process, then contact the Unicon Packers. They have a reliable name in the market and offer great quality service.

Challenges You Face While Relocating office And Its Solution

Office relocation is more difficult than house shifting in Greater Noida as there are many things involved here proper unplugging of computers and storage devices, shortlisting and packing of important documents and files, office accessories, printers, scanners are just a few names. This is the reason that most of the time when it comes to office shifting, business owners drop the idea and get agree to pay more rent instead.

If you are also stuck in the dilemma of whether to relocate or pay high rent, then talk to packers and movers in Greater Noida offering office relocation service at great prices. They will assist you in everything related to office shifting from packing to unpacking the workplace belongings.

How Do They Assist You?

The office relocating service providers are professionals who know everything about office shifting. They have the team members who even know how the devices like computers, printers, scanners, and other office peripherals need to be un-installed and re-installed. Along with that, they hold good years of shifting experience, so both the skills make them proficient in shifting offices of different sizes and operating different businesses.

A good and experienced packers and movers would save your time, staff productivity and office equipment from getting damaged. Some of them even aid you in relocation plans, equipment required, the infrastructure needed. Thus, when you are taking the office relocation service from professionals, you give the brainstorming session to them.

Office relocation Challenges

The challenges of shifting an office are many and beyond one’s imagination either the office is small or large in size. Some major challenges are

Productivity Loss – Office relocation takes two to three days minimum and engaging office staff in the work means loss of yield. Usually, when it comes to shifting, office owners chose weekends to avoid the loss, still, pre-preparation takes time and this again leads to loss.

Appliances Damage – Office equipments are expensive and delicate. They are too delicate to be handled by an amateur, this could damage it permanently sometimes. The biggest challenge remains in-front of business owners that how this equipment will be shifted without any damage.

Loss Of documents – Though, we have reached in the digital world, yet the importance of paper documents is still there. Any office remains full of such papers and mishandling could lead to major losses.

How Relocation Service Providers Support Shifting

Shifting office by taking the help of relocation service providers you can overcome the aforementioned challenges efficiently. The Packers and movers plan everything in advance, they start the background shifting work, without disturbing employees’ way before and on the final day, all they need to do loading packages in carriage and move.

They use the packaging material according to the items they are relocating to avoid any damage to equipment. Additionally, they offer insurance to cover any type of damage, if happens accidentally. They have the well-trained staff to execute on your instructions. They also offer unpacking and re-installation of office peripherals at the new place.

Hire The Best Packers And Movers

To save your time, we suggest you the first-rate office packers and movers in Greater Noida, Unicon Packers. The company offer above excellent service for workplace relocation and have all the qualities that are mentioned above. Moreover, they offer shifting service at affordable rates anywhere in Delhi NCR.

Professional and Reliable Packers are the Answer to All Your Shifting Woes!

Staying in Delhi is not an easy task. Moving from one place to another is a part and parcel of life here. People staying in rented houses often have to shift to another place as and when the contract expires or the landlord desires. Similarly, business organizations have to move as per their requirement. With this entire shifting taking place, individuals are exhausted and the furniture also undergoes manhandling.

Shifting is physical, mentally, emotionally and financially draining. Whether you have to shift within the city or to another state, finding a new home & office is very time-consuming. It makes sense to opt for professional assistance during shifting. Though it may appear slightly expensive initially, choosing movers and packers during shifting is a smart decision.

Whatever be your reason to shift, getting professional assistance during such a difficult time is a boon. Packers and Movers in Noida help you by assisting with the packing, loading, and unloading as well as settling in the new place. They understand that shifting requires a lot of time and energy and doing it along with normal household work or office pressure is not an easy task. With trained professional at the helm and the latest tools of the trade, you are assured that your personal belongings over the years will be cared for. Hiring movers and packers definitely ease your mind off the pressure of shifting.

What to look for before hiring professional help for shifting?

Whether it is home relocation or office or you have to transport your vehicle from one city to another, you can take the help of professional movers and packers. However, before you hire any, there are certain points to be kept in mind so that you are not swindled.

  • Advertisements are a great way to generate interest; but, not the best way to hire someone. They can be misleading. Ask your neighbors for trusted companies, survey market, find out about the company you hire for your belongings. Reference from a known person would be a plus point.
  • Find out whether the company is licensed to provide moving and packing services or not before you hire them.
  • Don’t just hire the 1st company you talk to. Compare prices for services offered before hiring.
  • The Internet can be deceptive. Ensure that you visit the physical office of the company before you hire them.
  • Get complete shifting related paperwork before giving them a go ahead. Insist on upfront service charges.

Tips on How to Shift Without Hassle

Home offers a sense of peace and stability that none can. Whatever is happening outside, no matter how much problems exist; it offers a safe haven where you can sit back, relax and be at peace. It can be your rented space or owned, a small studio apartment or a big bungalow; the size doesn’t matter because home is a feeling. However, change is the only constant factor in this life. Whenever you feel comfortable enough at a place, it becomes time to move.

It is not easy to uproot yourself from the place which has been your abode for a long or even small time. However, the demands of jobs these days are such that you have to keep changing. Change no matter how big or small brings a lot of chaos in life. Packing, moving, unpacking and settling in is a challenge. However, there are ways in which you can unload that stress. Seeking professional help eases things for you.

More often than we want, we end up moving from one place to another. Be it due to a job change, transfer or home or office shifting to a better place. A lot of time goes into sorting, packing and moving things from one place and then later on unpacking and settling in a new one. Delhi is a hub for many people, who are there to find a foothold in the big world. It offers great opportunities to learn and improve yourself. However, the price for the property is extremely high prompting people to settle in nearby areas. Shifting from Ghaziabad, to say Gurugram isn’t child’s play. However, taking the help of packers and movers in Ghaziabad can ease your workload immensely.

Advantages of hiring professional help while shifting

Everyone has a unique ability that makes them more productive for a certain type. Similarly, packing, unpacking is a task that should best be left to professionals as they are the best people to know what they are doing. Apart from this it also eases a lot of load off your mind. Few key benefits of seeking professional help include –

  • Insurance cover is provided against any damage to goods during transportation and loading, unloading ensuring that you get paid for any damages to your items.
  • Safety of all your belongings is ensured with the use of latest techniques by the moving company.
  • Timely delivery of your belongings is guaranteed with professional movers and packers.
  • All your belongings are packed and loaded, delivered, unpacked and arranged at the destination as per your request.

Shifting Made Extremely Easy for You. Check out how?

Time is money. It is a well-known adage that holds true even to this day. A lot can be accomplished if people know how to manage their time. Delegation is of the essence. Not only does it leave you time to finish other tasks which require your attention, but it also ensures that everything happens within the timeframe. While undergoing any change, whether in the office or at home, it is important that you spare time for what is important. Shifting can be extremely time-consuming. Sorting through things, packing them, unpacking and settling in a new house are just the highlights. But before any of this happens, you have to find the perfect place to shift.

Whether you are shifting from one location to another within the city or to a new city itself, the job of finding a new residence is yours. Once that is accomplished only then can the shifting begin.

Shifting from one place to another should be something to look forward to. Hiring packers and movers in greater Noida to assist you in shifting base in and around Delhi is a smart move. This way you are left with enough free time to deal with things that need your attention. Movers and packers are trained in handling as well as packing of large items like furniture and other breakables like television etc. This ensures that your products are safeguarded against any wear and tear due to transportation. With the required packaging material at their disposal, they make a good job of shifting without any hassle. You can be sure that all your precious chinaware and crystal is delivered safely to the new location without any damage to it when you hire professional services.

How to Shift Efficiently?

Shifting is never easy. We as individuals become too attached to people and places that uprooting yourself is not just a physical task but also an emotional one. It, therefore, makes much sense to hire professional help to make the transition smooth and efficient. The advantages of using professional help include:

  1. Years of experience makes them perfect to deal with shifting.
  2. Utmost care is taken of goods to ensure their safety.
  3. Proper packing using boxes, padding material, bubble wrap etc. is done to safeguard precious items.
  4. Leaves you with time to finish sorting through additional stuff.

Though, the job may seem easy, packing and moving to another place is not a child’s play. Professionals like Unicon packers & movers come to aid for many individuals and families who have to shift base due to promotion, transfer or job changes. With years of experience behind them, they are considered one of the best when it comes to shifting base.

Packers and movers to Make your shifting easier and simpler

Whether you are moving to a new house in the same location, or shifting to an entirely new location, the idea of shifting might give you a nightmare, because it involves too many coordinated tasks to be done, with a lot of care because there is always a fear of losing things or damaging items during the process of shifting. This is when packers and movers are most needed so that you concentrate on more important things while the movers will take care of shifting the household items for you

Lot of Packers and movers in Greater Noida, not only help you pack the items, they also move them to your new house, and help you unpack. Wouldn’t this be great? Thus, it is important for you to choose the right packers who would help you do to all the tasks in the right way, and at the right time.

These packers and movers have a team of professionals who are having expertise in their areas, and that is why these packers are having an increasing demand day by day, because they know their work very well, and the best of movers will never fail to disappoint their customers.

Find the best packers in this city

With the increasing population in the city of Greater Noida, more and more people are looking for relocation to better houses. Below given is a step by step guide for reaching the best packers in Bangalore –

  • Search through local directories or search engines for the available moving agencies in your locality. It always better to hire locals as they know the lanes and by-lanes
  • Ask your friends and relatives for moving firms that they must have used these services in the past. A close reference is always helpful
  • Once you have a list of movers, compare and shortlist few of them
  • Once the list is ready, you must check all the credentials of the firm. Have background verification, and check on their credibility. Customer feedbacks can form an important part of this shortlisting
  • If possible, visit the firm and check on what tools and equipment they use, ask for their team and question them on how they work.
  • Once this check is done, shortlist the firms based on reputation, quality of service, pricing and timely delivery
  • Upon finalizing the firm, call them and book the dates.

Why opt for packers and movers?

Given below are the top benefits of choosing packers and movers like Unicon packers to help you shift your household items to your new house –

  • Have a stress free shifting
  • Ensure safety of goods by hiring the best packers and movers in Greater Noida
  • Professionals make sure that they pack the goods neatly and in a proper order so that you do not find any difficulty while unpacking
  • They not only help you pack but also help you move the goods and most of them these days also help in unpacking
  • Finally, they save your time, by helping you pack while you can take care of all the other important things.

Dedicated moving solutions for resolving all shifting issues

Shifting base from one location to a completely new location is a tedious task and can be very challenging for someone who has never experienced this before.  And today, with an increasing number of options, people are frequently on the spree of shifting houses to better locations. There are too many things to be done while in this process including – packing, loading, moving, unpacking, checking if all the things have been shifted etc.  Apart from all this, you will also have the stress of taking care of your family and ensuring that no item is misplaced or damaged.

To help you with all these above problems, and stress, packers, and movers fall into place. Basically, they are the removal companies that will help you make the shifting process much easier and simple.

Ghaziabad is considered to be a growing place, and thus it has been observed that a majority of the youth population is trying to shift their bases in this city. With the hectic work schedules and lack of proper knowledge of the city for such newbies, packers and movers in Ghaziabad are of great help. You can just hire the most reliable and efficient movers, and be rest assured after that because they will do all the moving processes for you for a decent amount of money.

Where to find the best packers and movers In this place?

Now, this is one important question. With so many mover agencies coming up every single day, it is very necessary for you to choose the right movers agency to ensure that you are in safe hands. You can find the top packers and movers in the local search directories.

  • To hire the best packers, you can also call the local agencies to help you with that, like Just dial could help you with it
  • You can also search online for an agency that will best help you with your shifting task
  • Once you shortlist a few agencies, make sure that you check their website, read reviews about them, ask customers for their experience, and then finalize on one.

Tips to keep in mind while selecting one mover

All the packers and movers in Ghaziabad will promise you the best services, but it is up to you, to choose the most reliable agency. The below given quick tips will help you choose the best among all those who are available –

  • Do not opt for newly emerged agencies to help you with the packing and moving
  • Lay more emphasis on quality, and timely delivery than on price
  • Speak with the chiefs of the agencies to understand how they work
  • Read reviews/ testimonials/ customer feedbacks before finally settling in

The above are the simplest tips that you can keep in mind while you are on the headhunt of packers and movers in and around your city. Hire the best like Unicon packers and movers, and do not compromise there.