Shift Your Greens With Packers And Movers

Packers and movers are popularly known for shifting home, office, warehouse and other setups. Very few are aware that you can take the assistance of these service providers to shift your garden also. If you have prepared a garden on terrace or land and while shifting to a different place, if you want to shift your garden as well, then call to packers and movers for help.

The Packers and movers in Vasundhara are efficient at shifting greens as well. They hold all expertise in relocating the garden. However, a few precautions from your end would ascertain that your plants will not die during relocating. Actions that you should take

Transfer Plants To Plastic Pots – Teracota and ceramic pots are easily breakable. To make pots safe during shifting, what you can do is transfer all plants in plastic pots a week before shifting. On the day of relocating, ask packers and movers to pack ceramic and pots separately. Once you have moved to your new place, do not delay in transferring all your plants in their original home. In plastic pots, plants will not survive for a long time as plastic is a non-porous material it will not let your plant roots take the breath.

Do Not Water Plants Just Before Shifting – The soil in pot absorbs water and thus its weight increases. If you will water your plants just before shifting, the pot will not only become heavier but also will create a mess in the carriage. The water filtering from the pot drop by drop would spoil articles like furniture, carpet, etc. present there. Instead of watering plants just before shifting; water it, a couple of days before if it is winters and a day before if it is summer. Keep it under the shade to avoid evaporation of water.

Take Care Of Heat – Normally transportation of goods is done in closed carriages. It is the same with plants as well. But, plants are sensitive to heat. Therefore, while transporting plants, you have to take care of the heat factor. You have to ask your packers and movers to make arrangement accordingly. The green plants or seasonal plants are more sensitive to heat than all season plants. Such plants need extra care. If plants are large in numbers, then instead of accommodating it in the same carriage in which you have kept your belongings, hire a different one.

Do Not Plant New Saplings – New saplings are more sensitive than establish plants. Change in the atmosphere, exposure to heat, the imbalance in temperature are some factors that hugely effect saplings and there remains 50-50 chance of its survival. It is better to plant a new sapling at your new place, instead of hurting it during transportation.

Hire A Separate Carriage – When you are shifting your entire house, do not keep your plants in the same carriage that is carrying your house belongings. Hire a different carriage that will let you keep your plant safely and give it a favorable atmosphere during transportation. This will keep your plants safe, green and healthy.

These are some useful tips to transport your lovely garden to your new location. The movers and packers, these days use all latest and innovative technologies to shift greens.

Unicon packers and movers is one such logistic service provider who offers to shift for greens. The company has specially designed transport service and equipment to shift plants and transport.

Shifting Warehouse Is No More Complication With Packers And Movers In Noida

When it comes to shifting warehouse, many owners give up this thought and decide to stay in the same place until the change of place becomes extremely crucial. Various reasons why people make compromise are, time, efforts, manpower, and finance that is required to shift a warehouse. A warehouse is a place where goods are stored before it is brought into the distribution cycle. Shifting a warehouse means shifting entire goods from its current position to a different place.

There is no contradiction in this thought that shifting a warehouse is a painstaking task­­­­ and this one is a foremost reason for above mentioned thought. So, how about getting help from packers and movers. If you are curious about the same, then there are so many packers and movers in Noida present that offer this service and you can really take their help to shift your warehouse without any trouble. They use the best quality packaging material, latest equipment and innovative technologies to execute such shifting work.  However, there are certain things that you need to do from your end to execute this work smoothly.

Make A Realistic Plan – At the present time, the warehouse is not just a place to store stock. But, it is an inventory basically, where in and out of stock is always there, you can say it is placed to maintain the supply chain. So, before shifting your warehouse, you have to have the plan in your hand. The plan is when you will shift, what you will do with the stock, how many resources you would need and how you are going to deal with amidst move. Plan everything on paper first.

Communicate With Your Employees – Depending on whether you want to involve your employees in your warehouse relocation or not, talk to them and inform them about your plans. Share every piece of details with them like when, where and how you are going to move. This will help your employees to plan their work and their role in the complete relocating process. This will also prepare them to deal with emergency situations.

Organize The Inventory You Have – Don’t think you will arrange everything at the new place. When you are moving a warehouse, you are shifting tons of inventory, which is challenging to handle, engaging resource to shift entire things will not do anything good except adding your workload and engaging more cost. Instead, involve your employees in arranging current inventory. Removing unwanted articles, aged inventory, etc. Create a proper list of articles you have at your place. Take time to scan your warehouse to check everything is going according to the plan.

Plan Changes You Want to Do at New Place – The new place is going to be new for each of you. Therefore, pre-planning is important. Create a list of what changes you are going to bring in your new warehouse and inform about the same to your employees as well. This will help you in gauging how much time, efforts and manpower you would need.

Take The Help Of Packers And Mover – Never think of executing warehouse shifting all alone. Instead, take help of experts. Hire packers and movers who offer warehouse relocating service. They will help you in making this process quick and hassle-free.

Unicon packers is one of the companies you can contact for warehouse shifting. They offer this service and have good years of experience in this field.

Different Packing Materials Used By Packers And Movers To Safeguard Your Articles

While shifting our place, the thing that makes us the most concerned is, how our belongings will be handled. Whether it will be fingered safely or not. And this is an obvious concern as our possessions are our asset. The Packers and movers understand this well and they have solutions for all our concerns. They know how important it is to safeguard packages during shifting and transportation.

Packers and movers in Ghaziabad are very particular about the material they use to pack articles. In fact, they have different packing materials for niches of articles. For e.g. they have a specially designed packing material to pack glasses that they don’t get a break while shifting. For furniture, they have a separate set of material. Here is the list of material they have for packing different articles.

LED Boxes – The LED boxes are specially designed boxes used to pack and carry sophisticated LED items like LED TV, bulbs and other articles. According to a search, most LED fail to complete their claimed life of 9 years. These TVs develop faults during 4 years of their lifespan. The probability of developing damage remains the most in TVs that get shifted from one place to another. During relocating, the untrained professionals use poor quality shifting material, which causes unseen but serious damage to LED TVs. But, the good packers and movers keep themselves updated about the new technology of shifting and endeavor to create something supportive. The LED boxes are the result of those efforts. Now, logistics companies are using LED boxes that are made from cardboard and it contains thick layers of foam to provide extra cushioning to LED screen.

Bubble Roll – Bubble roll we all are aware of, this is a kind of packaging material used by many of packers and movers these days to pack and transport glassware. The air bubble provides enough cushioning to glassware and glass tops and keep it protected from the break or any scratch. Packers and movers are well educated on how to handle and use different packaging materials to pack things and they use it very efficiently. These wraps are even used to cover furniture and it protects the furniture surface from scratches during shifting. Bubble wraps come in different shades and shapes and logistics companies use it according to the need.

Clear Plastic Packing Bags – You must have seen this packing when purchasing things on online at eCommerce sites. But now, packers and movers are also using this material to pack different articles. The benefit of these bags is it fills the vacant place and during transport, it does not leave empty space. Because of this, articles and in packages does not shake and there remains no risk of damage, even the items that are made from breakable material or that can be spilled are transported using this packing material.

Just like this, there are many other packing materials present that packers and movers are using these days to ensure there remains zero damage to articles. These materials are reusable and eco-friendly as well. The packing material provides lots of safety to articles and also make the shifting process easy and hassle-free.

There are many logistic companies present that use these packing materials to pack articles. Unicon packers and movers is also one of them. They have the most advanced packing material and they use all the latest technology, equipment so that packing remains the best and damage free.

Packers And Movers For Student Shifting From Hostel

Students living in hostels often seen very particular about how much they have to spend on what. The reason for the same is unlike students who live with their parents they don’t have their parents with them all the time. They manage their money so that they have enough saving to deal with any emergency. Moreover, by living in hostel for a long period of time, they understood where to cut and where to spend. So, how about shifting from hostel! Is it right for students to hire packers and movers?

Well, most of us think why would a student living in hostel need packers and movers service, as they have very few belongings. But, it is not like that, there are packers and movers in Vasundhara , Ghaziabad, who offer shifting service for students living in hostel. No matter how big the belongings of a person is, shifting is shifting and the person has to take all the pain to pack things, arranging transport and loading and unloading.

The packers and movers service make the shifting job of students living in hostel much easier. For smaller needs, they provide small transport medium and fewer number of staff, but they work with the same professionalism. The packers and movers have charges for shifting accordingly.

Hassle Free Shifting For Students

While living in hostel, students make their hostel room as their house and they keep every necessary thing with them. The book shelf, bedding, air conditioner, cooler, fridge are some items that hostel students keep in their room privately. At the time when no shifting service is available to them, all they do is donate their even most adorable things to their juniors or room partners, and it often ends up costlier deal for them. But, by hiring packers and movers, students can have a hassle free accommodation shifting. The benefits they get by hiring them are

  • They get ample time to meet friends and say goodbye!
  • Sometimes shifting and assignment submission happens at the same time. By hiring professionals, students get enough time to focus on the important things.
  • Packers and movers charge very nominal amount for such small shifting, which is worth spending.
  • The shifting become organised and students do not have to donate their belongings.

How To Hire Packers And Movers?

The process of hiring packers and movers to shift a student accommodation is the same as these professionals are hired for normal shifting work. So, all that a student need to do to hire these professionals is find their contact on google, talk to them to check their charges and services. Compare prices with different service providers, then say ok to one which they find the best and wait for the final day.

Students are great at searching professionals as they are more tech savvy.

So, if you are a student and worried about how you will shift your hostel belongings to your new accommodation, hire packers and movers and cheer.

Now, when it comes to hiring professionals for shifting, it is important that you choose the best one for this job or you will end up having a frightening experience. Also, take permission from your hostel warden to allow people to get inside the room for packing, leave nothing for the last moment.

Unicon packers and movers is one of the best in providing this service. Moreover, they charge a very nominal amount for hostel shifting.

Packers And Movers Makes Shifting Hassle Free

The world has become a global market, people residing in a small town in any country can get an opportunity to work in a metro city or overseas anytime. And to start working there, all that one has to do is pack the bag and move. The Packers and movers have made shifting such easeful that we never give a second thought on factor how my belongings will move to that place. This is true in Delhi and NCR as well.

A person working in Noida, when getting a better job opportunity in Gurgaon, he never gives a thought on fact that he has to move his entire belongings. All he does in this situation, call any packers and movers in Indirapuram and handover shifting responsibility to them. Within a week’s time, he gets settled in his new place with everything he loves to have around.

Packers and movers have made shifting such easy and painless. Packers and movers are trained in shifting, they know exactly how large items like furniture and electronic appliances should be packed. They work in a planned manner with all supported items at a place. They are trained in handling breakable items like glassware, china wares. While packing these items they keep utmost precaution that nothing breaks during packing or in transit.

Most of packers and mover use fine quality packing material to ensure no wear and tear take place during transportation. They are also efficient in uninstalling and installation of electronic appliances such as air conditioner, water purifier, freeze. Thus, when you take help of these professionals for shifting, you save enough time to engage yourself in jobs that require more attention.

Shifting Is Not Easy Even For Them

Shifting a house, office or any other space is done within few hours by these professionals, but if you will ask them how difficult this job is, the reply you will receive from them will be exactly the same what you feel about shifting. But, they are able to finish one of the most daunting tasks within no time because of their experience and supported equipment. Unlike us, who do not have any tool, they keep some specialized gadgets that make their work fast and accurate.

This is not possible for a normal individual like us to work this way and thus,  hiring professionals for packing belonging and relocating to your new address is always a sensible decision and will give you lots of peace. Yes, certainly you can make a checklist while they pack things to know what is kept in what box. This will save your time again when you unpack boxes and start arranging your new living place.

Hiring The Best Packers And Movers Is Important

Unarguably packers and movers make shifting easeful, but all of them sail in the same boat is not necessary. If you end up hiring some bad service provider, you can even get into trouble, you can take the example from a lot of incidents happened in the past. Therefore, it is important that you shortlist service providers before landing on one. Talk to each one and get details of their services as well as charges. Settle down with one who you find fulfills all your requirements.

Unicon packers and movers are one of the best in NCR and Indirapuram. They have experience in the field, along with trained staff. They ensure quality service always.

Hacks To Save Cost When Hiring Packers And Movers

Packing and relocating to a new place seems exciting and fun, isn’t it? But, packing whole household things and moving to a new place sounds sucking right? The second is the case, when you relocate to a new city, area or town because of any reason like job change, promotion, brought new property, etc. If you are scared of shifting, then give a tight kick to this thought and call packers and movers for your help.

These days you can easily find packers and movers in Greater Noida who will give you shifting service at an unimaginable price. But, to get this service at an unbeatable price, you have to act smart! The money never comes easy and so the saving. For saving a few thousands, you have put some efforts. So, here are hacks you can use to cut down you shifting cost and find a service provider according to your budget.

Talk To As Many – You start searching a thing with all your efforts and you will get the one you are looking for sure. The same rule applies here as well. To find a service provider according to your budget, talk to as many packers and movers as you can. Filter out those who are providing excellent service at the best price. Make a list of service providers who are ready for shifting in the price range that you are comfortable in.

Once, the list of service providers is in your hand, start negotiating with them for prices as well as services. They will come down further from their quoted price.

Always Negotiate – The good thing about packers and movers in Delhi and NCR is there is a huge variation in charges as there is no standard rates for services. Variation in price means, there is a possibility for negotiation. If you are good at negotiation, you can turn deal in your favor and save huge cost. But, before negotiating with service providers, make sure you have studied the market well.

Read All Terms And Conditions – There is an uncountable number of packers and movers present in Delhi and NCR. These service providers vary on charges as well as terms and condition. So, if you have hired budget packers and movers, it is not likely that it will offer you the same service what other was giving you on the same price. Therefore, it is crucial that you talk to them and discuss everything in detail. Talk to them if any extra cost will be involved during the whole process (Food cost for people engage in service, any tip). If you want the staff to unpack items, discuss it whether it will be free of cost or charges will be there. Here also, you can negotiate with the service provider to cut down on shifting cost.

Prob To Dig Detail –  Few service providers are very polished professionals, they will discuss things with you very politely as if they are providing the service at a cost no one could offer, but actually, they are betraying you. So, beware of such people. The best way to identify them is instead of nodding yes to everything that they say, probe why what and when. Once they will understand you are taking interest in a deal, they won’t try to play smart with you.

Unicon is one service provider you can contact to take shifting service at an affordable cost. They are an experienced and reliable service provider.

What Is Generation Z Call For Shifting?

The present generation is different from generation x in various aspects like: in terms of planning things, executing on plans, managing time and saving money.  They enjoy their present time, but at the same time remain more conscious in preparing their future. They value time more than anything else. Therefore, when it comes to shifting, they don’t rely on traditional methods. Their requirement is instant service for everything. They prefer taking help of professionals to shift, either it is their studio apartment or complete business setup.

At the same time, the logistics companies have also equipped themselves to serve the generation Z. The Packers and movers in Ghaziabad and other parts of Delhi and NCR are now offering customized shifting service to clients on demand. Moreover, they are doing everything to make the client delighted and leave a positive impression on them.

What Are The Expectations Of Generation Z From Logistic Company?

Unlike their predecessor, who are not much keen on accepting the logistics service because of preconceived notions, the present generation wants the logistic service providers to become more techno-savvy and user-friendly. They want the service providers should be easily accessible and keeps complete transparency during the whole process.

The present generation is not much concerned about saving the pennies. On The contrary, they want to save their time, which they will utilize to earn more money. They are more focused on getting comfort and using their efforts in the right place. Their expectations from the logistic company are

  • The company should offer user-friendly services
  • They want, shifting process becomes more hi-tech and comfortable
  • They want logistic companies should operate online start by generating the request to visiting home for the final view.
  • They are ready to pay the charges in the return of excellent service

What Do Generation Z Check In Logistic Company While Hiring?

 Use Of Technology – The technology is the key factor that creates the impression of a service provider. For the present generation, a company which is using the latest technology to manage and handle client are the most preferable option. Understanding this requirement of present-day users, the Packers and Movers companies have also switched to technology use. Now, they are using high-end software to manage their work as well as gauge real-time shifting work. Only this industry was untouched by technology till a few years back.

Value Time–  Time is very crucial for the present generation. Neither they like wasting time nor they want people to waste their time. So, they give more preference to those companies who value their clients or customer’s time. The use of technology, as well as qualified staff, has helped companies in reducing time wastage.

Faultless Work – Faultless work is another thing that the present generation expects from every professional. And this applies to the logistics service providers as well. They want a service provider should hire only the experienced and qualified staff so that they do not face any hindrance during packing and shifting related chorus.

The logistics companies have to lift themselves to meet the expectations of present time customers. And, many packers and movers in Delhi and NCR are there who have changed their mode of operation by introducing new technology in the system.

Myth And Facts About Packers And Movers

We live in a society that encompass people from a diverse mindset. We are surrounded by people who love to share their opinion and no matter how rigid we remain in our thoughts, at some point in time we get influenced by those opinions. For packers and movers as well, there are a certain myth that prevails in our society, which deters many to opt this service.

Here are some myth and facts about hiring packers and movers in Noida.

Waste Of Money– Some people in our society have a belief – hiring and paying to logistic companies for service they offer is a waste of money. And this thinking is more prevalent in those who have never taken the help of packers and movers for shifting or those who have not moved from their location ever. According to them, instead of hiring packers and movers, it is best to pack things on your own, then hire transportation to move it to the desired location.

But the fact is, these days packers and movers service have gone very cheap. By spending approximately 10-12 thousand, you can hire packers and movers in NCR and shift anywhere in Delhi and NCR. Moreover, the reasons why hiring professionals for shifting chorus is not over spending because

  • They use the best in class packing material to ensure all your belongings has been packed perfectly.
  • They are trained in packing different wares considering its material.
  • They know how to uninstall electronic items and pack it safely.
  • You don’t have to do anything while they are packing things except giving them the instructions.
  • They transport your belongings to the desired location safely and unpack the items.
  • They also offer partial assistance in arranging your new home.

So, paying 10-12k for this much service is not a bad deal.


There Is The Risk Of Losing Belongings – There is a myth about losing the belongings when packers and movers are hired for shifting. We don’t say that this does not happen, but the fact is it happens only when you hire service providers without checking their background. Though these incidences happen rarely, but some people always cite the example of such incidences whenever it comes to hiring professionals.

Moreover, the fact is present-day packers and movers offers insurance options. Good service providers have a physical office and a strong presence on the internet. They can be tracked out anytime if any such incident happens. Nevertheless, the packers and movers guarantee not having such bad experience at the time of booking itself.


They Will Damage The Articles – This a perception among people that packers and movers while shifting damages the articles. They don’t handle things with care.

The fact is present time packers and movers uses the best quality packing material and wrap every article carefully so that articles do not get even a single scratch. They are trained how to pack different material to avoid damage. Most of the logistics companies have experienced staff to execute this work.

So, there are many myths pertaining to hiring a logistics company. Instead of trusting them, meet the verified service providers and talk to them everything in detail. At the present time, when the time has become money, the logistics service is like a blessing. There are many advantages of hiring these professionals for home shifting, office shifting or commercial space shifting.

Packers And Movers – Now Offering Customized Shifting Service

The expectations of people from service providers have raised to a new level. Now, the demand of customers has switched from ready-made to tailor-made. The customers demand more personalized service that fits with their requirement perfecting. And this new requirement is applicable on Packers and Movers as well. The people who in the transferable job or those who are shifting for the first time, everyone needs a service which is exactly according to their need.

The Packers and movers in Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi and other regions have understood this new requirement of customers and thus they have come up with customized service. The customized service is basically the tailor-made program design by the service provider understanding the guidelines/ requirement of their clients.  The logistics companies are offering this new customized shifting service for all types of shifting requirement like home shifting, office shifting, any industry or where house shifting, etc.  The companies have designed packages, according to the different requirements of people and these packages are also flexible in nature.

Why Do People Need Customized Shifting?

The clients switch to customer shifting option basically because of two reasons. First, their setup is different and their requirement is not the usual one. They hire different people for different work so that the shifting remains smooth and without any damage. The second reason to go for the customized shifting option is when the expectation of customer is high and there are compliance present. Additionally, sometimes even the packers and movers company also suggests bespoke shifting option to customers depending on the nature of business and magnitude of shifting work.

The Benefits Of Customized Shifting?

The benefits are many, but some of the core advantages are

  • Customized shifting is done exactly according to the requirement and guidelines of the client.
  • It is more convenient as it is done at the client’s direction
  • Customers get the highly trained staff for packing and unpacking of articles.
  • Customers get the state-of-the-art facility for storage of the different articles present in the place
  • Everything remains, according to schedule in this type of shifting
  • Shifting is done under the guidance of expert team who know how to pack article of different nature and make.
  • The highest quality packaging material is used for wrapping articles so avoid any damage
  • No wastage of time as time as work is done on the instructions of customers.

The customized shifting is beneficial as it is done according to the requirement. Price wise it is more costly than the traditional shifting format. Therefore, when it comes to shifting home, office, or any other type of space, it is good to go with the normal shifting format. But, when there is a special need, certainly you can go with the customized shifting option.

There are many companies present in Delhi and NCR that offer customized shifting facility. In addition to renowned companies that have large teams to work, the mid-size logistic companies are also offering the bespoke facility in shifting. The Packers and movers offering this new concept of shifting are providing this service for almost all types of shifting like home relocation, office relocation, warehouse, industry, hotel shifting and others setups that have different nature.

Most of the packers and movers offering this service share information about the same in the company brochure and website, but you get the details when you ask them about this service.

What Makes Packing And Moving So Off-putting In Delhi/NCR

Shifting home, office or any other space is fighting and it terrifies more when it is done in Delhi and NCR. And the factor that makes it so daunting is the time. People here usually remain short of time. In the houses where both partners are working, it becomes even more difficult to manage time for packing and unpacking things.

So, if you are living in NCR and shifting to Delhi or some other place, then hire the packers and movers in Vaishali, Indirapuram, Greater Noida, Delhi to get the relocating related assistance and to make the chores effortless.

Nevertheless, short of time is not just the only aspect that makes relocating painful for people in NCR and Delhi. The metro cities entail many other challenges and some of them prevail everywhere. This include

  • Timely management and handling of things
  • Protection of expensive stuff from damage
  • Unpacking things and rearranging it at home
  • Transportation management
  • Moving other things like vehicle and bigger devices

According to the need, people in Delhi and NCR look for customized shifting service providers, who understand every requirement of clients specifically and offer services efficiently meeting the same requirement.

Additionally, the geographical terrain of Delhi and NCR is a bit different from other cities. Sometimes, it also creates hurdles in the smooth shifting of a house, commercial property or any other type of space. There are service providers present who even deny shifting in some specific areas in Delhi and NCR, because of the road and adjoining areas.

Furthermore, the large number of options for shifting also complicate things by confusing people, and if the wrong selection is made, then there is nothing more miserable than that.

Packers And Movers The Best Alternative

Therefore, when it comes to shifting, people in Delhi and NCR believe in taking the help of professionals. The professional’s assistance makes the relocating task much easier and less time taking.

The number of packers are movers are present in Delhi and NCR who offer excellent shifting service, you can shortlist anyone according to your requirement.

There is a certain portal also present on which you can fill the form to receive quotations from a number of service providers at a time. These service providers are genuine and popular for offering quality relocating service. To contact packers and movers in Delhi and NCR without any trouble, all you have to do is fill up the form on any such portal and submit, you will start getting quotations from different service providers. These portals register only certified professionals with them.

Nevertheless, no matter which service provider you choose, it is vital that the logistic company you are shortlisting or with which you are finalizing the deal should have the work licenses to operate in the area. The firm should have all legal documents, give insurance and charge a fair amount for the service. It is also important to check if the packers and movers company you are hiring is using the best quality packaging material and offer packing and unpacking service both.

Unicon Packers is one name that you can consider for taking relocating related service. The company is an old name in the industry and have an experienced and qualified team to work on different projects. They hold experience in shifting almost all types of setups and offer customized service as well.